On Tuesday morning, 20 June 2023, Andy Kooistra welcomed Ryan Elliot, Director of Structural Engineering at Vallee Engineering as our Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (ie live attendance at R83 with zoom remote attendance) session, he spoke to us about the history, re-construction and future plans for developing the Cst John Verral Bridge on the Queensway in Simcoe. 
It was clear to all of us that Ryan's passion for his community is expressed in so many ways; not least of which is his work in ensuring that such examples of engineering support offer a link to the past and a connection to our community today. He explained the design allowed for a varying selection of art to be displayed beneath the bridge on the abutment walls and sought continuing support from our Club to bring this vision to fruition. The presentation was most informative. It was followed by questions as time permitted and a note of Club gratitude from both John Wallace and Ross Gowan.
More information about the this project may be found by clicking on this link. Additional photos related to the bridge are at the 'Read more ..' tab.
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A few photos related to the presentation. A great description of the Cst John Verral Bridge project is at this link.







Biography - Ryan Elliot.

Ryan Elliott, P.Eng., BDS, is a corporate shareholder and the Director of Structural Engineering at G. Douglas Vallee Limited. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, a Professional Engineer and a Building Design Specialist licensed with Professional Engineers Ontario. Ryan has also been designated by PEO as a Consulting Engineer. This PEO designation recognizes professional engineers that have achieved a significant and varied sum of experience providing professional engineering services directly to the public. Only a member who has been designated as a consulting engineer by PEO can legally use the restricted title.

In addition to Ryan’s education and credentials, his experience spans structural, civil, and geotechnical engineering, providing him with practical design knowledge acquired since his first job on the construction of a new section of Highway 403 in 1996.

In his time at Vallee, Ryan has overseen hundreds of bridge and culvert rehabilitations and replacements, and building projects of several types, shapes, and sizes. Ryan’s wide range of structural engineering knowledge and experience helps him lead the entire Structural Engineering department in their design work and project management.