Jordana Armstrong, an advertising professional with extensive experience in transit advertising, has become the newest member of RCNS. She delivered her Classification Talk on Tuesday am to a very enthusiastic audience of Sunrisers.
While earning her BSc. in Psychology from Dalhousie U, she got really excited in a course about the psychology of advertising- -so after graduating from Dalhousie she enrolled in an Advertising Grad Certificate program at Sheridan College.

Despite trying out an advertising agency, she discovered it was not for her! Jordana then tried magazine advertising and enjoyed that, but magazine publishing was on a decline in 2007/8 so she accepted an offer to work with Pattison Outdoor. At Pattison, she worked on the transit side (a bus is a moving billboard) of advertising and did well as a transit advertising specialist, transferring to head office in Toronto.   
When her mom became ill, Jordana left Pattison and moved back home to Norfolk where she accepted an offer to work with My FM Radio in Simcoe as an advertising consultant. She enjoys planning and creating advertising campaigns. Radio advertising is different from transit since it's all audio, rather than all visual, but she had no trouble transferring her skill set. Radio is not significantly declining either as stats show that 98% of adults and 92% of millenials are listening to radio daily. MyFM, Norfolk’s local radio station, has a strong listening and advertising base.
As a sample, Jordana played the Christmas audio advertisement she created for Townsend Butchers, which thrilled the subscriber and seemed to be very successful. Rotarian Kate Stratford offered an solicitied testimonial about the value Jordana has added to Marlin Travel's marketing. 
Welcome to RCNS Jordana! We are grateful you have joined our Rotary family.