At our Tuesday morning Club 'zoom' get-together, Gail Catherwood welcomed our guest speaker Hadley Jackson.  
Hadley, an active member and past president of our sister club, the Rotary Club of Simcoe, grew up in Simcoe and now hails from Port Dover.  Following his career with the Cooperators, Hadley has been a participant/leader in all forms of sailing; in particular youth sail training programs, and has been very involved in the growth of the Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover. He was perfectly suited to entertain us with his recollections of life in Simcoe in the 1940s.  His reminiscences covered many topics about his life as a youngster growing up in a much more affluent centre. Even so, he could only recall how much simpler life was 'in the day'. 
At the end of Hadley's entertaining talk, Paul Zorad from our club thanked him, noting that a gift of eyesight had been provided to someone in need, as a part of our work with Op Eyesight.  
Here, in this photo, we see Hadley in his early years.  At the 'Read more ....' tab, you can see how one grows following a lifetime of sailing!