page1image15177616   At our morning 'zoom' meeting of 19 Jan '21, Mary Mercato welcomed our guest speaker Heather Lennie, who provided us with an overview of the Free Reading Program (FRP), a program whose mission is to 'deliver free, on-line literacy programs to children around the world'. Heather, a past member of Rotaract and current member of the Scarborough Rotary Club is the FRP Board Chair (and working out of Viet Nam!). She actively promotes program initiatives, develops and advances programs and connects like-minded individuals who are eager to enhance global on-line education.
   Heather noted that this very progressive program is supported by many other Rotary clubs. She noted that the FRP is being used by over 350K users, in over 185 countries. Morover, she has communicated the program to over 300 Rotary clubs. See the Scarborough Rotary Club page (upper right corner) as an example - Scarborough Site.  
   As the presentation unfolded, Heather encouraged us to consider the merit of the FRP as it might apply to our own communities. In his summary remarks, educator, researcher and rotarian Don Emerson thanked Heather for advising us on an "awesome, awesome" initiative. Click on the 'Read more ...' box for more information.
More information about the FRP may be found by clicking on The Free reading Program link.

FRP Mission - As a program initiated by the The Education & Community Learning Center, The FRP embodies the overarching mission of the ECLC. To provide free, high quality educational resources for students in the United States, Canada and around the world through online learning.

A Powerful Reading Program That Works - The FRP has provided 3,500+ literacy activities to users around the world for the past 3 years. It provides customer service, program updates and tech support to all users. Our global ambassador promotes the program predominately through Rotary Clubs. 100 Rotary clubs have agreed to promote the program. The FRP is actively reaching out to librarians, community organizations and service clubs to let them know about this free resource so they can help more students. The program is used as an at home learning tool for students in the US & Canada, and used in schools in other countries internationally.