On Tuesday morning, 04 January, and on behalf of the RCNS, Gail Catherwood welcomed Jean Montgomery to our Zoom meeting to speak to us about Salvation Army programs in our community. Click on this link to obtain more information about the general nature of this topic.
Jean's message covered so many aspects of the volunteer work that she is involved in. Starting with the success of the current Christmas season programs, she then described the other ongoing community support initiatives that are out there to help the needy. As a particular focus, Jean discussed the issue of homelessness in Norfolk; the pervasiveness of the issue, the absence of a local mens shelter and the pressing need for a warming centre. Following a plea for help from the community, Jean then addressed several questions/concerns from the group.
Cathy Harrop thanked Jean for her most-informative update, noting the breadth of the amazing community work being done As a token of our appreciation for the presentation, Jean was advised that we had restored the sight of a senior in India, as a part of our support of Op EyeSight.