On Tuesday morning, 07 Nov 2023 we welcomed Tim Philp as our Guest Speaker. Gail Bouw introduced him to us (see bio in "Read More").  Tim gave an interesting and thought-provoking talk on the issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI).  References to science fiction movies and books abounded, showing how eerily prescient fiction can be.   He explored the benefits of AI in efficiency and productivity improvements.  He also explored some of the risks of a technology that might have unforeseen implications to humans.  Q- was this sentence written by ChatGPT?
Our own technology guru, Paul Zorad provided a thank you to Tim. 
Tim Philp BIO
Tim Philp has enjoyed science since he was old enough to read. Having worked in technical fields all his life he has worked as an engineer for more than 40 years in fields as diverse as computerization of railway locomotives, design of electric traction control systems, and the design of electronic warfare systems for the Canadian Navy. Tim started a project called the Brant FreeNet which brought Internet services to Brantford. 
Tim shares his love of science with readers weekly in The Expositor and many other publications across Canada.