Waste Management in Norfolk County
On Tuesday morning, 09 January 2024, and on our collective behalves, Gail Bouw welcomed Norfolk County Supervisor of Waste Management, Merissa Bokla as our Guest Speaker. At our hybrid session, she spoke to us about the current amounts of waste generated within Norfolk County as well as waste management operations with a focus on recycling. She also revealed why there is a need for certain rules around recyclable material. As the presentation unfolded, she provided a most interesting overview of the recycling process (most of us will be reconsidering what we throw into our recycling boxes!) and tested us with an interactive quiz related to the 'yes or no's' of different recycling options.
Following a myriad of related questions, our own Mary Mercato (a previous professional acquaintance) offered RCNS appreciation for the excellent presentation and the useful reminders that were offered up - well done, Merissa.
More information about the waste management in Norfolk County may be found by clicking here.