On Tuesday morning, 16 May 2023 and on our collective behalf,  David Douglas welcomed Glen Gilvesy, owner/operator of Otter Creek Farms Ltd and Chair of the Ontario Ginseng Growers Assn (OGGA) as our Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (ie live attendance at R83 with zoom remote attendance) session, he spoke to us about a variety of issues related to a unique product that is increasingly important to Norfolk County.  Representing a group of 160 Ontario-based, ginseng growers, Glen noted ginseng's history and the current impact that his export product generates. He commented on the roles of the OGGA in respect of representing the growers, supporting related research and promoting the international marketing of what amounts to millions of dollars of annual, agricultural sales to the far east.
All-in-all, it was a most enlightening presentation followed by many questions and a note of Club gratitude from Steve Malo.
More information about the OGGA may be found by clicking on this link. Additional content from the presentation at R83 is at the 'Read more ..' tab.