Posted on Jan 17, 2023
On Tuesday, 17 Jan '23, and on our behalves, Gail Bouw welcomed Port Dover's own Carrie Sinkowski as our Guest Speaker. At our morning meeting at R83, her aim was to discuss general trends with respect to poverty being seen in Norfolk as well as the opening up the warming centre with Church Out Serving and other community partners.
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Carrie offered a very well-prepared overview of the Brant, Haldimand & Norfolk Community Legal Clinic in general and, more specifically, the issues being faced by those in need within our own community.  More information about the Legal Clinic may be found by clicking on this link. 
Following several questions about the address, Paul Zorad thanked Carrie for an excellent, albeit sobering presentation about one aspect of our community.

Carrie Sinkowski is a lifelong resident of Port Dover and absolutely adores her north shore of Lake Erie town. She grew up in her grandfather’s hardware store, Stoney’s. Hearing the stories exchanged all day, every day, at the front of the store, lead her to the understanding that communities are built through sharing and connecting creating a love for community work which has been the focus on her career. Carrie has an undergrad in Women studies, and  an MA in Labour Studies, both from McMaster, and is currently at Osgoode Hall Law School working on her LLM. Since 2016 she has been the community developer for the Community  Legal Clinic - Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, and is a sessional instructor in the Labour  Studies department at McMaster.  A major of focus of her work is access to justice which has provided her opportunity to deliver programming in the community as well as present at conferences and partner with universities on conducting local research.  She spends the rest of her time travelling or being on the water with her partner, walking her beagle Frankie who loves to dress in the latest canine fashion, and devouring as many books as humanly possible.