On Tuesday, 24 Jan '23, and on our behalves, Pres Louise  welcomed our own Andy Kooistra as our morning Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (live+zoom) meeting at R83, his aim was to update us on the great work being done to develop the Waterford Heritage Trail.
Andy offered a well-prepared pictorial overview of the Trail in general and, more specifically, the historical changes that have unfolded over the years.  Of some interest was the group's appreciation for the financial and moral support received from our club in recent years.  Questions followed but the main feedback was the appreciation the community has for the improvements that this work has brought to the Waterford community and the County - well done.
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Our own Andy Kooistra is Chair of the Waterford Heritage Trail and Shadow Lake Park (on the TransCanada Trail). By clicking on this link, you will discover his most recent recap of 'What's Happening' on the Waterford trails.