On Tuesday morning, 30 May 2023 and on our collective behalves,  David Douglas welcomed Kate Graham, Curator of the Port Dover Harbour Museum as our Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (ie live attendance at R83 with zoom remote attendance) session, she spoke to us about the history, development and various programs offered at this Norfolk County museum. In a very entertaining way, Kate regaled us with several stories/anecdotes related to personalities, artifacts, shipwrecks and the town. Along the way,  she also touched upon the Museum's current exhibit entitled Cantelon: The Life and Work of William Edgar Cantelon.
All-in-all, it was a great presentation followed by questions as time permitted and a note of Club gratitude from Pam Shantz.
More information about the the Port Dover Harbour Museum may be found by clicking on this link. Additional content from the presentation at R83 is at the 'Read more ..' tab.