On Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023, and on our behalves, Gail Bouw welcomed Dan Avey (sporting his new CNOY toque!) as our morning Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (live+zoom) meeting at R83, he provided an update (from his visit last year) to inform us about developments at Youth Unlimited in Simcoe as well as his progress with the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) fundraiser.  He described the programs he was able to continue with (and in some cases expand upon) as well as the challenges faced by the disadvantaged sector of youth of our community. In a very heart-felt way, he acknowledged the value of our RCNS interests/fundraising over the past months. Dan fielded several questions after which Joanne Kiefer offered our appreciation for the essential work Dan and his staff are doing with our youth - so needed and so well done.
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Dan started to work with YFC Norfolk in 2001.  We are here today after years of growth, with the passion growing more and more each day.  His role, responsibility and our culture has changed, however,  the one thing that has never changed is the knowledge that God loves youth and His desire that they grow to know Him more.   Dans’ own journey involved a faith community investing in him, so he is now sharing this with the youth he works with.  His  passion for this has grown even more with Suzanne, and his own children Ellia and Lily.  Dan tries to Educate, Disciple, Grow and Engage (EDGE) youth, volunteers and staff so that we all can live out the YFC Mission of  “every young person  living fully in Christ.”