Our own, Jim & Marjorie Dawson (on the right side of the photo) just had a wonderful and inspiring week at the National Youth to Youth Truth and Reconciliation program in Winnipeg as chaperones for the 5 youth from our area. The program involved 25 Indigenous and 25 Non-indigenous outstanding youth leaders from all over the country.  Each day opened with ceremony at Turtle Lodge.  We skinned rabbits and made rabbit stew, filleted fish, built tipis, played indigenous games, lit fires, visited the Canadian Centre for Human Rights and much much more. 
The event showcased the incredible talent of our students and how motivated the students are to make reconciliation a reality.  With students from all across Turtle Island, it was a great chance to meet other student leaders, share their knowledge and the realisation that they are going to lead in reconciliation in their communities.  It was a fabulous time!