On Tuesday morning, Dave Douglas from our Club, welcomed Scott Petrie to speak to 35 of us in attendance, about his work and passion for the Delta Waterfowl group. Scott who now lives in Bismarck ND and is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist at Delta Waterfowl. He is a past resident of Norfolk County with a family that has participated in and supported our own Youth and Education programs. He was accompanied by Aaron Everingham from the Delta Waterfowl Long Point office.
    Delta Waterfowl is a leading conservation group founded at the famed Delta Marsh in Manitoba, with its US Headquarters in Bismarck, North Dakota. They work to produce ducks through intensive management programs and conservation of breeding duck habitat. Scott gave an excellent overview of the groups history, plans, initiatives and issues as they apply to wetlands and waterfowl conservation - very eye-opening. In particular, Scott revealed their work to increase the group's impact in the Great Lakes area. For more information, click HERE.
   On behalf of the RCNS, Emma Brown thanked Scott for a fascinating talk on a little-understood environmental issue.