On Tuesday morning, at our normal club meeting (by Zoom of course!), we welcomed three speakers who have spearheaded a local Delhi initiative to provide for food support to our migrant workers during the pandemic disruption. Jim Norman (right), President of the Delhi Chamber of Commerce, has re-invigorated the work of this group since retiring to live in Norfolk and offering to lend a hand in the community.  One outcome of this new Chamber of Commerce energy is support to the Norfarms Project, spearheaded by Matt Wilkinson (left) who opened a grocery store outlet specifically for Norfolk farmers who have essential, off-shore seasonal workers during this emergency COVID period.  It's an amazing story; one which has been supported by several other community-minded sponsors and has earned congratulatory recognition from a broad cross-section of people in Norfolk and outside of this community.
Tim Norton joined in as a Rotarian from north of Toronto. He was invited by Jim Norman to help out the Norfarms project by developing a software solution to help farmers seamlessly order their food products while also helping the grocery store manage its inventory. Tim's software has made a huge impact to all parties along the supply chain, and will have applications beyond this seasonal project in Norfolk.  
Don Emerson spoke for all of us in expressing our gratitude for such a positive, uplifting message about an important front-line need duding the pandemic. We are all grateful for initiatives such as this. See the full presentation at  https://vimeo.com/442085685?ref=fb-share