Early this year and in the midst of the pandemic, the RCNS initiated a virtual FUNd-raiser to support our community, to promote local businesses and to offer a variety of local produce within Norfolk.
This project was so popular, we had to establish limits on the orders!! As a result, we're doing it again and we are now set up to let everyone know the details and consider purchasing our uniquely curated bags of local Norfolk goodies!!
Everything you need to know, as well as the procedures for purchasing a bag are given at this link. Click on it and proceed!
It would be great if you could share the information on this website ( with your friends - ultimately, the community will be grateful for that.
Our summer has passed - fall weather is upon us - so, once again, we have begun to think about keeping our kids warm for the upcoming winter months.
Please look into your closets and storage space and try to find some of your surplus winter coats that could be donated and would be so welcomed by our less fortunate community kids.
Thanks to Peerless Cleaners for their continuing support of this great Rotary community service work.
On Wednesday, 29 September, at 7pm, we will welcome Amos Key Jr as the first of our Guest Speakers in the Indigenous Voices Speaker Series. Via Zoom, he will help us to learn more about Building Respectful Relations and Understanding - go to the 'Read more...' tab at the bottom to learn a little more about Amos.
We encourage open attendance by all of those who are interested in this topic.
If you would like to join in, it will be necessary to pre-register and pre-pay in order to receive the needed Zoom link. More details can be found by clicking on this link.
Mark your calendars for a unique series of presentations set out to inform and educate all of us in respect of a variety of First Nation issues we are confronted with.
Jim & Marjorie Dawson (Co-Chairs of the District 7090 HIP Cttee) are co-ordinating a joint initiative between Grace United Church in Port Dover and our own Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, to bring us four informed speakers who will add some objectivity to four special topics. For information about pre-registering and pre-paying for this Zoom on-line, speaker series, please follow this link
Click on the 'Read more...' tab to see the speakers as currently scheduled.
Additional details are at this link but you may wish to set aside some Zoom-time at 7-8 pm on 29 Sept, 13 Oct, 27 Oct and 10 Nov.
The event will be widely opened to the public - all are welcomed.
Rudi Atkinson sent us this report on a fantastic fall day spent on the Sunrise Trail.
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for perfect weather, a great team of volunteers, new recruits from the playground, and for the bulbs to arrive in the nick of time. Whew!! April, 2022 will be offering a gorgeous display of three flower colors on our Sunrise Trail thanks to the efforts of Area 1 Rotary Clubs from District 7090 who banded together on a Day of Action to plant 6K daffodil bulbs the morning of 9.25.21. 
Some of our trail users passing by were really excited to see what we were doing in anticipation of the beautiful display we will be seeing next spring. Daffodils represent new beginnings and rebirth and are a welcome site in the spring each year. #rotaryatwork #rotarynorfolksunrise #peopleofaction #rotarydistrict7090 #LoveRotary"
Go to the 'Read more ....' tab to see extra picture from the day.
We welcome Josh Herter as our newest member - as a part of the MHN Legal team, Josh will join us as a Corporate member of our Corporate partner.
Josh lives in Port Dover and is eager to become a part of our Rotary team. Go to the 'Read more...' tab to read a little bit more about Josh.
Welcome, Josh.
What more could we have asked for in this FUNd-raiser to honour our founding, past-president Keith Flexman? ... terrific weather, scenic county routes, a park-like home-setting for Jane and Steve Malo to host us to Kaley-cooked goodies after the rally...
So thought the 21 participating teams (68 route participants with 12 more joining in for the social), mostly from the local area but with some from Stoney Creek and Brantford, not to mention several non-Rotarians from the local area. We were honoured that Joyce and Kelly Flexman could also join us to help out and enjoy our tribute to Flex.
A selection of photos taken during the day are at the 'Read more...' tab below. Others may be found at our Club Runner photo album site.
The grand prize of donated spirits etc was sought by 62 participants with Gail Bouw holding the key to happiness; at least for some of her business clients!
Individual team results are given under the 'Read more...' tab below. Check out how you did!!
Our appreciation goes out to our hard-working Ways & Means group; with a particular thanks to the event organizers Keith Jones, Tina Millea and Louise Schebesch. Special gratitude to Steve and Jane Malo for being our hosts and opening their home for our most welcomed get-together.
Flex would have been so pleased with the day, not to mention proud of us for keeping his idea alive!
After many years in the making, our idea to add some mural artwork to the downtown community is finally taking form.
Last year, we came to an agreement with the group that is transforming the old LCBO building into a new community support centre. It turned out that our desire for artwork merged perfectly with the need that Church Out Serving (CoS) had for the rebranding of the facility into their new Riversyde 83 centre. With RCNS encouragement and funding, CoS proceeded with their art plan, acquiring additional partners along the way.  They developed a jointly-agreed-upon theme (food and good nutrition) and then acquired a great, young street artist - meet Meaghan Kehoe - more of her work at this link.
The RCNS/CoS connection was great and is now bearing fruit - the work on the south face of the building started on 12 July. Next time you're in the Simcoe city centre area, drop around to see the progress; perhaps to meet and chat with Meaghan.
Upcoming Events
Jordana Botting
Sep 28, 2021 7:00 AM
Is it Safer to Go on a Viking Cruise or to Dine at a Local Restaurant?
Is it Safer to Go on a Viking Cruise or to Dine at a Local Restaurant?
Amos Key Jr
Sep 29, 2021 7:00 PM
Indigenous Voices Speaker Series - Building Respectful Relations and Understanding
Bryant Peters
Oct 13, 2021 7:00 PM
Indigenous Voices Speaker Series - What You Need to Know about The Indian Act
Lynne Hagan
Oct 19, 2021 7:00 AM
RI Polio Month - Polio Survivor
Oct 26, 2021 7:00 AM
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